Waste Management Notice

Garbage/Recycling Collection Update    January 2023


Town Residents,

Many of you have experienced collection issues with our garbage/recycling collection contracted provider, Waste Management.  Over the past eight (8) months we’ve had countless communications and several meetings with the Waste Management’s management team in an effort to get these collection issues resolved.  After the recent issues that occurred over the past couple of holiday weeks we requested another meeting with intensions to search for a new provider.  This morning Supervisor Guttman, our Town Clerk and I participated in another group meeting with the upper management from Waste Management.  As a result of this meeting, Waste Management has assured the town that we will not have collection issues moving forward.  They have indicated that changes have been made in their management of personnel and equipment that should eliminate future collection issues.  Now, with that being said, we’ve heard this message before and are relying on them to prove this to our residents.  Keeping in mind that we all need to understand that on rare occasions there may be a delay issue due to items out of the ordinary that may come up, but these should be very limited occurrences.  However, Supervisor Guttman and I made it very clear that the town will not tolerate continued collection issues and will seek contract termination if these issues continue.  As a follow-up and an effort to monitor service performance, we’ve already scheduled a 30 day review meeting with the same group of individuals we met with today.  


We appreciate your patience through this difficult and understandably frustrating situation, but rest assured, your town board will not let these collection issues continue.



Doug Neumann

Town Chair