Historic Sites

Lizard Mound Park

Address: CTH A. (One-half mile east of Hwy 144)

The site is prehistoric effigy mound builder culture.  Twenty-five mounds in animal and geometric shapes are preserved in a woodland setting amidst a mile-long easy nature trail.
Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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St. Peter's Church

Address: 1010 Newark Drive

Built in 1861 of random fieldstone; the apse is a half-octagonal shape, difficult at best to construct: more so in fieldstone.  Used for only a few years, the parish was discontinued in 1879.  Still in existence next to the church is the fieldstone public school building, built in 1874 and used for fifty years. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

St. John of God Church

Address: 1488 Highland Drive

Irish community church organized in 1859 who built their first building in 1860, and then used the bricks to help build their second Gothic Revival building in 1899 with local brick.  A combined public/parochial schoolhouse and convent used to stand on the site.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Turner Hall

Address: Fillmore-523 CTY H

Built of frame and plaster, originally forty by sixty feet, during the years 1867-68 with each member required to give a day's work toward completion of the building.  This became the cultural center for the Saxony immigrants.

Saxonia House

Address: Fillmore-421 CTH H

Once the social center of the Fillmore community, the authentic timber-frame building put up in 1854 by German immigrants also includes beer caves which can still be seen on the property.  The Farmington Brewery was famous in its day, and one of the largest in the county.

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Boltonville Reliance Flouring Mills

Address: Scenic Drive & Bolton Road

Built in 1854 by businessman Harlow Bolton it steill operates today as a feed mill.  This was the first structure in the village of Boltonville, followed by the saltbox homes that the Yankee immigrants built.

Oddfellow Hall

Address: CTH DD & Scenic Drive

Although the Independent Order of Oddfellows Lodge 96 was organized in Barton in 1870, but it wasn't until 1888 that the members decided to build a meeting house of their own in Boltonville.  The Italianate building of local made brick was sold in 1900 to the Sunrise Camp 2256 of the Modern Woodman.


Address: 912 CTH A

Hamlet with the 1881 Cheeseville Dairy building, a fieldstone structure, the schoolhouse, a brick 1912 building which was the second schoolhouse on the site, and the first school in the county to have indoor plumbing.

Orchard Grove

Address: CTH H & HH

Hamlet which is the home to the first county cheese factory built in 1871.  Still existing is the historic first town community cemetery with graves of some of the earliest settlers, some born in the eighteenth century, and the brick schoolhouse, a 1912 construction.  Orchard Grove is the childhood home of author Glenway Wescott.